About the Band

Open G has been “Rockin the Joint” since 2000, playing classic rock, blues, and a few B-Sides. The seed of the band started when founding member Gary Christo decided to have a guitar party at his house in the mid-90s. That’s where Paul Lewis and John Matina met. After a few years of guitar parties, Gary decided to make it a weekly thing, he said “just like a bowling league, but better”.

A number of great musicians played with Gary, Paul, and John over the years. The public debut of Open G (unnamed at that time) occurred when they were asked to play an outdoor party. It was affectionately deemed “Applestock” at the Galloway farm. Tie-dye and love were in the air. The line up at the time – joining Gary, Paul, and John – were double-trouble brothers: Scott (bass) and Rick Dasson (drums); and George Kolupski on Guitar.

After a couple of years, Scott left Open G to join Johnny Smoke. That’s when John Matina picked up bass player duties for the band.

Now Open G ran into had a bit of a Spinal Tap situation when they started going through drummers. No, none of them burst into flames or anything, they just decided to move on. When Rick Dasson decided to leave the band, Dan Castronova, joined them on drums for about a year. When Dan had a conflict for a gig, Gary’s son, Rick Christo, sat in with the band on an emergency basis. When Dan formally resigned, Rick stayed on with Open G for a number of years. George left the band during Rick’s tenure.

With the solid line-up of John, Paul, Gary, and Rick Christo, Open G played the Rochester circuit for number of years. When Rick moved to Boston in 2008, Dana Gregory played with Open G for about a year before deciding to move on. In November of 2009 Glenn Grana joined Open G on drums. After only three rehearsals, Glenn played his first gig with the band. That’s when the current signature Open G “Rockin’ the Joint” sound came into being.

In October of 2012, after many years of making great music together, Gary decided it was time he took a break from the music scene. It was hard for the band and fans alike to see him go, but Gary wanted Open G to keep going. Mark Indelicato joined Open G on guitar in January 2013 and picked up where Gary left off, adding a new flavor to the Open G sound.

In the Spring of 2013 Mark introduced Tom Hanney to the band. Tom would sit in with Open G from time to time, playing blues harp on few tunes. Two years later around June 2015, with a couple of Mardi Gras shows with “Open G featuring Joe Beard” under his belt, Tom starting playing regularly with the band; so much so, he became an official member of Open G in November 2015. But alas, due to other commitments Tom had to leave Open G in December 2018. That’s when Open G decided to go back to their roots and focus a bit more on rock, and a little less on classic blues. They still play blues, but with a hard electric edge like Stevie Ray Vaughan and Kenny Wayne Shepherd.

Open G works hard to play covers not just like the record. There is a swagger and energy to the Open G sound, not unlike that of the Black Crowes. That’s the reason you gotta catch an Open G show live to see what all the fuss is about!