How long have you been with Open G?
Since the beginning.
What other bands did you play in?
My favorites were Jade, Steel & Glass, and Spender; and of course, Acoustic G, which is still alive and well!
Where did you grow up?
Just a few blocks from the great great House of Guitars in Irondequoit, NY.
When did you start playing music?
I think I was in 4th grade when my brother let me play his acoustic guitar that he got as a Christmas present after he and his buddies saw the Beatles on the Ed Sullivan Show. He of course wanted an electric guitar and never really stuck with it. The guitar was from one of those catalog brick and mortar stores that were big at the time – the guitar strings were about a half mile off the neck. When I wanted to start my first band a few years later in the summer between 6th and 7th grade, my brother’s friend Louie lent me his Fender Jaguar guitar and an amp. Rock on! Thanks Louie!
Who were your musical influences growing up?
Most definitely The Who – my all-time favorite band – Aerosmith, and Led Zeppelin. I also dug progressive rock bands like Emerson, Lake and Palmer and Yes. We actually played Roundabout in my high-school band. Boy, were we hopeful! I also was influenced by a lot of singer-songwriter types like Crosby Stills Nash & Young, James Taylor, Cat Stevens, Jackson Browne, Joe Walsh, Eagles, and John Lennon’s solo stuff.
What was the first record you bought?
Paul Revere and the Raiders Greatest Hits
What artists do you listen to today?
The Black Crowes, Kenny Wayne Shepherd, Gov’t Mule, and believe it or not, I just recently rediscovered The Allman Brothers. Even though I heard them before I never really listened to them. I have a much greater appreciation now of the blues and jazz influences in their arrangements. I guess I have Warren Haynes to thank for getting me interested in digging into the whole Allman catalog. I also like a lot of the newer bands out there: Black Keys, Kings of Leon, Alabama Shakes, Mumford and Sons, Imagine Dragons, Florence + the Machine, and Of Monsters and Men (who doesn’t like dragons and screams? – the two major exports of Iceland).
What makes playing music with Open G fun?
We have a casual approach to the music that allows us to make it our own. Oh yeah…, and Paul of course (see above).